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Scott Westerfeld
Known for his science fiction/fantasy novels, Westerfeld won many of both sci-fi and fantasy readers over with the exceptional story of a new kind of vampire in Peeps. 
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Cal was infected by a parasite that has a truly horrifying effect on its host. Cal himself is a carrier, unchanged by the parasite, but he's infected the girlfriends he's had since Morgan. All three have turned into the ravening ghouls Cal calls Peeps. The rest of us know them as vampires. It's Cal's job to hunt them down before they can create more of their kind. . . .
He has also written other notable books worth reading like the Midnighters Series. This series takes us on a ride into an unknown time called the midnight hour, or the blue time. In the first installment of the Midnighters series we learn about the secret hour which is the hour that normal human beings can not experience. It is at exactly midnight, when time stops, and only those who were born at the stroke of midnight can experience it. A group of only a few teenagers in a town called Bixby try to figure out the extra hour of the day, while also figuring out the dangerous and scary creatures that lurk the night during that special hour.
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For one secret hour each night, the town belongs to the dark creatures that haunt the shadows. Only a small group of people know about the secret hour — only they are free to move about the midnight time.
These people call themselves Midnighters. Each one has a different power that is strongest at midnight: Seer, Mindcaster, Acrobat, Polymath. For years the Midnighters and the dark creatures have shared the secret hour, uneasily avoiding one another. All that changes when the new girl with an unmistakable midnight aura appears at Bixby High School.

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I'm here, you're here. Let's talk BOOKS!
The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare (AKA a world even Stephenie Meyer, the author of Twilight would like to live in) (THERE ARE SPOILERS BE CAREFUL). The book was so intriguing from the very first chapter. Yes, I was hooked right away. I read the books each in only a few days, trying to save time for eating and sleeping-of course these actions were forced by my parents...if it were for me I would stay up all night until the wee hours of the morning...oh wait! I did that too. Anyway, back to the book. Cassandra Clare does such a fabulous job with each of her characters making them individuals with original personalities. The chemistry between the characters is astonishing, especially when Jace and Clary start to hit it off well. Cassandra Clare has a way with words, especially the sarcastic comments from Jace. Jace has the wit to die for. In other words, Jace is the type of fictional guy girls will swoon over once they get a taste of his sarcasm. If I had to give superlatives to each of the characters I would say:
Jace-The heartthrob
Clary-The independent woman
Isabelle-The fighter
Alec-The best friend
Simon-Most likely to get accidently turned into a rat...
So. I've covered the characters. Now I'm moving on to the most important part of the book: The forbidden love story. The love between Clary and Jace catches me by the heart right off the bat. Jace is the protective type, always worrying about Clary, but not in a psycho-boyfriend-type way. As the book progresses we realize how different Jace has become and we learn that the whole reason behind his new transformation is in fact the pure existence of Clary. Other members of Jace's family explain that Jace did not get close to people or even open up, before Clary arrived into Jace's life. The best part of the undenying love that Jace had for Clary was that he needed her. He was a troubled tough-boy-wannabe and needed Clary for his own very existence. But of course love like this couldn't come that easily. Cassandra Clare incorporates forbidden love into this wonderful series. How you ask? well, Jace and Clary find out they are in fact siblings. The evil and mysterious Valentine is their father. But don't worry MI fans! There is more to the story than meets the eye! Yes Clary is siblings with Jonathan Morgenstern, and yes Jace thinks he's Jonathan, but NO they are not the same people. Only at the very last minute to we find out that Clary and Jace can ultimately be together, more than friends.
Simon, became a problem to me from the very first chapter. Of course I love Simon, and he is very needed in the book, I realized from early on in the book however that he indeed did love Clary. Once Jace started becoming interested in Clary I was way too worried about Simon the whole time (I wanted Jace and Clary to live happily ever after, but not if it meant leaving Simon in the dust). Yet of course Cassandra Clare did not fail the fans. Cassandra Clare incorporates Simon into the book without having to take away the friendship between himself and Clary. He's an amazing friend to her, yet he realizes he'd rather she be happier with someone else than forcer herself to be with him against her wishes. It is truly an unrequited love story. Yet as the books progress there are other interests in Simon's love life, other girls he might have his eye on (of course no one will ever replace Clary in his heart). His friendship to her was more important than anything, which I love to see in a book (considering it is very hard to find in real life). He shows commitment in his friendships and pure loyalty.
I can't say that I am looking forward to starting a new series, because I have new found expectations. Cassandra Clare has very big shoes to fill in my opinion, and The Mortal Instruments will always be on my favorites list!!!
Good job Cassandra Clare, you've won over my heart!!!
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Some call me "girl with book," others call me "obsessed book girl." Whatever you decide, just know that I am the Book Genie!! That means that I will update you on the latest and hottest titles in the teen book world, newest authors, and other fun news all you book lovers need to know! I will also review books and rate them as I go along, helping you decide what your next adventure might be. I've read many, many, books and my collection is growing more and more every week (yes, I am a frequent Barnes and Noble customer-they know me by name and the alarms go off when I walk through the door).
Here's how you know if you are a Ridiculously Over Obsessed Book Lover (ROORL) like I am...
1. Do you shop in Barnes and Noble or Borders frequently? (more than once a month)
2. Have you read more than 15 books in the past year? (be honest)
3. Do you get excited and jump up and down, maybe even clap, and let out a little squeal when you find out the sequel to your favorite book is coming out?
4. Do you read daily? possibly until the wee hours of the morning?
5. Do you know the authors of your books like you know the titles?
If you have thought yes to more than 3 of these questions, CONGRATULATIONS you are a Ridiculously Over Obsessed Book Lover...just like me. Be proud!
So this blog will be all about books, and all for you!

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HELLO READERS OF THE WORLD! If you haven’t already, go pick up your copy of Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick! I’ve already read it, and give it a full 5 stars!!! It’s suspenseful and dramatic, and it keeps you on the edge of your seat....or bed...depending on where you read :) I advise everyone to go out and buy it!!

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