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Pages of Brooks
This is a very important message! To all of you fans of Alex Pettyfer out there, who have been following him since the beginning, like I have, there is a contest out for YOU!!! He has starred in many book-to-movies in the past, and his trend seems to keep going. Now, in I Am Number Four, he is rising to the top. The Pages of Brooks, a wonderful blog I must say, is giving away two amazing prizes!!!! The first winner is given a signed I Am Number Four book, and the second place winner will win a TShirt of I Am Number Four, from Hot Topic, size medium.

I would love to win this contest, but if I don't...good luck to everyone else :):)

Head over to their blog now    
The Publication Follies of Alexandra Shostak
ONE OF THE BEST BLOGS, AND CONTESTS FOR YOUNG ADULT NOVELS!!! YES I'M TOTALLY SERIOUS ABOUT THIS!!! There is a contest over at that is absolutely necessary that you enter....Why should you answer?? I'll tell you why!!!! Because she is giving away just about the most amazing books......EVER..YES, I said EVER. Let's start out at the top of the amazing list..."Clockwork Angel" by Cassandra Clare. Not only is it the beginning of what will be a thrilling and UH-MAY-ZING series, but it will also be a life-changer....I can feel it coming. It is what I personally am most excited about. My life, yes I'm being serious, completely changed after Cassandra Clare's first series, The Mortal Instruments, and I can only imagine what amazingness she will include in this next series!!
The next book is called "Sapphique", by Catherine Fisher!! It is a sequel, to her previous novel called Incarceron. Not only does the cover look absolutely to-die-for, but I'm sure the inside is just as good :)
Another book I'm stoked about reading is on the list, called "White Cat" by Holly Black. Once again, the cover draws you right to it while simply sitting on the shelf of a book store. I mean, COME ON there's a gorgeous guy in a black leather jacket holding a cat on the cover!!! What could be better than that??...the book?? possibly ;)
And finally the last book on the list "Dracula In Love", by Karen Essex. Obviously another vampire novel, and obviously on my to-read list!! What more could you ask for??? a suspenseful novel about love and possession.
Bitten by Books
ATTENTION ALL OF YOU BOOK LOVERS OUT THERE!!! Bitten by Books is having a major contest on their blog!! They're giving away the Kindle 3, and I REALLY would love to win! I think the main reason I'd like to win is because I really want to give it to my mom. She always wanted a digital reading device but never got one, and I think it would be the perfect birthday present for her, which is coming up soon! I would really love to win it, but because it's such an amazing giveaway you should definitely stop by their page here!

La Femme Readers
Go on over to La Femme Readers for their Summer YA Bash Giveaway!! They are giving away some awesome books so head over there right now, before July 18th 2010!!!



HELLO READERS OF THE WORLD! If you haven’t already, go pick up your copy of Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick! I’ve already read it, and give it a full 5 stars!!! It’s suspenseful and dramatic, and it keeps you on the edge of your seat....or bed...depending on where you read :) I advise everyone to go out and buy it!!

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